The everlasting attitude

People normally act according to their whims & trends…

Many people do not allow themselves to think profoundly upon each issue. They just follow the masses.

Every day, we see new styles of hair, maquillage, jeans ….

Everyday, we hear new vocabularies, new thoughts, new songs…

We are always running after the NEW

Will it ever end? are we crazy about new stuffs?

But we are going to die one day or the other!!!

Shall we continue to follow the masses while they won’t be there the moment we will be questioned in our tomb? or on the day where we will all resurrect…

Hard time then!!

Don’t you think the right attitude is the EVERLASTING ONE: be yourself

LEarn to know who you are because you are not everybody. Learn to know WHY you are here, on earth

Ask yourself the reason of your coming down here

If everything has got a reason: then your coming has a reason

The ever lasting attitude is to follow the right path…


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