Who are you? Why are you living on earth?

Some people may be troubled by such statement but my question is:

are we sane enough to live in an ephemeral world and giving it so much importance as if it will last for ever?

We are decorating our homes, our villas, upgrading buildings but have we started setting at least a base for our home abroad? Of course, i mean paradise!!! Are we ready for the final return?

Everyone of us, i mean, whichever religion you agree with or believe in, you know that you will not live forever on earth.

You have nothing to lose if you decide to believe [if you haven’t yet] that after you die, you will be questioned in the tomb about your present actions.

However, if you decide not to believe in the questioning of the tomb, then you may regret it for ever, if it happens to be true…

We muslims, we do have 100 % certitude that we will be questioned by the Almighty Allah, the All Powerful, the Everlasting….

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