Are you proud to be a muslim?

Alhamdulillah, Allah has wished for us Al Islam as Deen – as a complete code [system] of life.

You are already aware that when someone has success in life, he/she has lots of enemies around – they can be visible or invisible/unknown to that person.

The same it is for Islam. There are many religions on earth and there is only one which is true.

This is a pure fact because God cannot have two different ways of leading things. God has one program for all humanities and this is Al-Islam

Islam does not take its name from any human author because no human created it….

The Qur’an is the exact word [verbatim] of Allah and it provides important guidelines for mankind.

This is why muslims are envied because they possess knowledge which is unknown to others.

Now, many ignorant muslims – those who are either not interested to learn about the Quran or those who have not yet acquired knowledge of the Qur’an – are tempted by the media and by the gossips all around.

So, they always act on the defensive, either hiding their true identity, imitating other cultures or becoming aggressive…

My question is: are we proud to be muslims? Do we feel deep inside the chance that we have? Are you happy to greet salaam aloud? ARe you proud to dress up according to the islamic tenets? Or do you feel frightened because everybody seems to point at us? May be the angels are pointing at them?

Do you know that in surah 5 v 3 [Quran] Allah says that He will accept no other religion than islam?

Dear sisters & brothers, you should be proud to be muslimahs & muslims… doing what Allah has ordered you to do everyday, you are in fact accomplishing your duty towards the Almighty.

Remember, you did a covenant 50, 000 years before the creation of this world : check surah 7 verse 172

for more details, dont hesitate to contact us.

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