Homosexuality starts at the age of puberty

Homosexuality is not a natural state.

It all starts when the child reaches the age of puberty. Of course, it may take years to develop.

Parents should be aware that this is the whisper of shaitan. Shaitan – through the form of an evil jinn – take penetrate the body of a human being. It can embellish your thoughts and even drive you crazy.

This is why it is important to give azan in the child’s ears at birth. What more, it is vital for the parents to continue leading the child towards prayers and religious peers.

When children have the ability to grow in a healthy and sane environment, the child will develop positive and pure tendencies.

If your child has a bizarre behaviour, pray two rakaats of swalaat and ask Allah to show you what’s wrong and how you can help him/her..

But remember, do not pressure them…

1 Comment

  1. Jon said,

    May 19, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Are you serious?? Did I really just read this complete BS above me? Homosexuality is what your BORN WITH. Not something a freaking devil related, Jinn giving tactic is going to give you!! I’m gay and I’ve never in my life been happier. I hope whoever comes across this can have some sense. Parents that are going to try and change there child from what they are, are SICK. Not everyone is going to love by your religious views. Nor do you have to live by homosexuals “views” but my god. Get some legit proof that were the SICK ones and I’ll listen. Goodbye


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