The reasons why we are always sad

It is a fact that the Noble Qur’an was revealed in order to guide mankind towards harmony.

In order to attain harmony, a person needs to strive with all his might.

He must understand the reason of his creation and the various duties he has towards himself and others.

Once, we become indifferent to the world, the world will behave in the same manner towards us.

Once, we start transgressing the rules of the society, we become sad….

Sadness is linked to our behaviour towards God, towards ourselves, towards the society….

Then the heart becomes impure, dirty….and of course, it is sad due to this!!!

Hence, harmony has to do with the way we think and the way we develop our various relationships in life.

By trying to understand exactly what God wants from us, we will submit joyously to Him

And there will be no reason for us to be saaaad!!!

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