Muharram 1430 AH

Muharram 1430 AH marks a step towards the Last Day.

Remember, dear readers, we are not in 2009, we are not in the digital world. we are in the Qiyama Era – it means we are nearing the end of this earthly and materialistic world.

Islam offers the way towards success. Islam offers guidance in this chaotic world.

Muharram is another chance given to us to repent and to analyse a whole year that is gone and will never come back again.

Muharram allows us to fast on two days : either 9 and 10 or 10 and 11

Please do not miss the Ashura Day. it is vital for our soul

Dont pretext your job, the weather conditions etc…fast for your Creator

and see how blessed you will be insha Allah

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