God never fails in His promise; what He says He does

Many people live their lives unaware of the existence of God. If they believe in God, their belief is part of a whole. Some believe in God but their actions betray them. Some believe in themselves and deny the capacity of God. What is God consciousness and why do we need to be fully aware of His existence?


There is a time when things seem to stand still

We struggle and battle our rage out.

Then slowly, we enter into a communion with God

May be He will answer our call, if we turn to Him

Yet, we feel desperate.

So many days have passed and we feel so abandoned

Does He really hear our complaint?

Does He really listen?

There are times when we really cannot bear the sufferings, let alone the time of waiting for something to really happen…

And it is at this time, where everything stumbles and falls apart….

Amother who is ill

A sister who departs

A business that work no more…

A result that turns negative…

And the attempt to knock at God’s door once again….

And finally a voice is heard:

Knock, knock with insistance

Show your eagerness to win the test

Do not lose hope for He is here and listen

To every distressed soul

The true time to supplicate is after midnight’s hour

When all are fully asleep, and you have waken up for His sake alone

Do pray and you will soon be gratified….

This is a promise from your Lord and His promises never fail

   Author: Ammaara Uddeen 

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