To veil or not to veil, that is the question!!!

To veil or not to veil, that is the question!!!

It is incredible yet a fact, that everybody, male as well is interested with the veil issue!!!

Is it a vested interest? Some hidden interest or some hidden gains?

There have been so many articles written about the veils.

And I will only brush up some few ideas.

By the time, surah 24 v 31 was revealed, Allah himself explained to Muhammad about its purpose and importance.

The prophet therefore advised all women to cover themselves including their hair.

Now, there is no frustration, no confinement whatsoever in covering the hair.

Are women threatened while they cover the hair?

For those who have submitted themselves voluntarily, for their heart, body and soul to Islam, they find it easy to crush their desires or ego….and voluntarily cover their hair.

They understand that Allah, in His immense Generosity and Wisdom has wished this for women.

Covering of the hair has many advantages:

You are no more a sex symbol

You are no more considered as an object

You are more respected as a human being

You are not looked at from head to toe ….

There is no need for you, to wake up in the morning and always have to concentrate on your look, do your hair

How many women have problems when they wake up in the morning and take enormous time to tame their hair in order to be in condition

Your head is protected from pollution, wind and uncertain weather condition.

Those who have sinus problem, know well about the advantages of covering the head

It prevents us from satanic attacks – the jinn problem

Many muslim women [we are here talking only about women] – are victimed of sorcery and jinn attack and by covering the head, the attack is less violent upon them.

Well, islam is not only an intellectual battle where so and so will come and argue about intellectual or rational issues.

Islam is above all a story of love and commitment to Almighty Allah. When you love, you respect and you understand. He is the Creator and He has set down a program [this world as a parameter for us] for us.

Those who accept and understand His program, will surely attain bliss.

Intellectuals and intelligent people are really two things.

The prophet saw once said that the intelligent are those who control their passions and desires in order to attain bliss. [the hereafter world].

Now, you muslims who are not just born within a muslim family but are committed to Allah and have accepted islam as your way of life [s5 v 3]

To you, I say, let us, prepare ourselves sincerely to meet our Lord, with the hope to see His Wadj on the resurrection day.

To you, I say, let us stay firm on the issue of hijab …

Indeed Allah has set a veil between those who read the Quran [and love its reading ]and those who do not read the Quran

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik!!

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