For our mother….a prayer



Isn’t that weird? A mother can take care of ten of her children at the same time! She cooks, cleans, washes & help them with their studies!

However, ten of her children combined can’t take care of their mother when they are all grown up!

O Allah, we can never repay her the debt! Make us dutiful, respectful and obedient to our mother in a way that pleases you.

~ Sheikh Assim AlHakeem


  1. Humayra said,

    February 2, 2009 at 8:44 am

    I swear when I look at the beauty of creation I feel like I want to cry…
    My mother to me is so dear
    Why is it that they without a second thought give their lives for ours?
    Why is it that they would carry us in their arms or push us in our pram even if their limbs hurt but they would never think of blaming us for pain.
    Where does my pain start and the concern of my mother end?
    Why is it they will go without so that you can have clothes on our back?
    Why is it that the bond is so dear that only a mother can understand?
    Why is it that they would look from the window and not sleep until they knew we were safe?
    Why is it they would never eat until they knew we were done?
    Why is it that the jewel in our lives we take for granted?
    Why is it they remember so much about us but we remember them so little?
    We caused you much pain oh Mother. Many times we hang our heads in shame as we remember our wrongs.
    We remember that when our father punished us it was your hands that stopped him.
    it was your hands that brought us food.
    It was in your laps that we rest our heads and cried and we had no shame.
    We cling to the hope that the tears will be forgotten in the life yet to come where we will swim in the mercy of our Rabb and you will light up Jannah with your smile.
    If i close my eyes i can remember how you smell, your soft fingers on my face, the feel of your lips as you kissed my eyes.
    Does the enemy of Allah believe they can torture us? The pain is in the look of our Mothers face when we know we leave them for the last time.
    The pain is feeling the softness of their skin against ours for the last time.
    The pain is knowing that our ears will never hear that voice again asking us if we are well.
    Kill us, imprison us, do as you wish but these hearts remember seeing tears fall from the beautiful eyes of our mothers.
    We will move the mountains if it means they will stop.
    You told us Oh Mother of mine that you have five fingers and that no matter which finger gets cut off it will hurt the same,
    We say to you that we only had one heart and we did not know that the moment you held us that it would belong to you forever.
    People came and went but you were always there. We are the fruits of your duas and yours is the duas that Allah (Swt) will never refuse.
    May Allah (Swt) admit our mothers into Jannah for fulfilling their duties upon the sons and daughters of this Ummah.
    May Allah (swt) shower them more mercy than they showered us when we were small.


  2. Fazila said,

    February 28, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    M – for the MILLION things that she gave me
    O – that she is only growing OLD
    T – for the TEARS that she shed for me
    H – for her HEART of purest gold
    E – for her EVERLASTING love
    R – that she is RIGHT and will always be

    Put them together and they spell MOTHER
    The WORD that means the WORLD to me.


  3. reshma said,

    March 20, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    my mother is the most lovely woman i have ever met.

    She has sacrificed herself for all her children

    I asked Allah Azzawajal to reward her for all the good things she had done


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