The mosque that cried

  • The Mosque That Cried A few years ago there was a mosque in the middle of a jungle. it never used to be a jungle, but people soon left that place and trees grew more and more. until it is nothing more than a jungle.
  • but the mosque still stayed standing. empty. no one went there to pray. One day a few people were walking through the jungle. they saw the mosque and thought no mosque should be standing for no reason.
  • they decided to go in and start praying there. a few people even decided to stay there for a few days.. It was their first night sleeping there and none of them could go to sleep. because they kept hearing a cry. they were confused. This happened every night. so everyone got out of bed and started talking randomly anywhere saying. ‘who is crying?’
  • They soon got a response after many days.and the response was from the mosque! the mosque said ‘ for years no one has prayed here and you lot have come praying reading sleeping. I’m so happy and may Allah bless you.’ The mosque was crying because it was so happy. Something Allah did. One of his Miracles.
  • The mosque isn’t the only unbelievable thing that cried… did you know that after you die, every single place you prayed on will cry because you died?
  • so if you prayed in your bedroom on the floor, the floor of your bedroom would cry when you die! Amazing really what Allah can do.
  • So Pass This Message To Everyone you know  And Let Them Know Of Allah’s Miracles.


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