What are the signs of an Impure Diseased and Dead heart?

Signs of an Impure Diseased and Dead heart

People start committing sin and feel guilty about it. Then they persist in sinning without asking Allah for forgiveness and never repent. Soon, their hearts harden and those sins appear normal to them. In fact, this is not a normal situation since every act of sin has a consequence on the heart. What can be more disastrous than a dead heart? or a diseased heart, on the point of decay?

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah’s describes following signs of an impure, diseased and dead heart.

  • The person does not feel any hurt or pain when he commits evil deeds and sins.
  • The person finds both pleasure in committing acts of disobedience to Allah and a take it easy attitude after performing them.
  • The person looks after the less important matters and does not care about the more important ones.
  • The person dislikes the Truth and has difficulty accepting or submitting to it.
  • The person does not find comfort in being among the righteous people but finds a great deal of peace while among the evil and sinful.
  • The person is susceptible to be affected by misconceptions and doubts.

Allah 3

Imam Hasan al-Basree [rahimahullah] once said to a man,

  • Cure your heart for Allah desires that His slaves should purify their hearts.
  • You should know that you never truly love Allah until you love obeying Him.

The heart cannot become purified until a person knows Allah, loves Him, fears Him, has hope in Him and trusts Him. This is the true realization of the statement Laa ilaaha ill-Allah.

The heart will never be pure until it loves, deifies [worships, exalts], fears, and submits to no one except Allah, eventually ending up of the limbs by following and making the actions pure.

(Jaami’ al-‘Uloom v.1 by Ibn Rajab

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