Ramadan 1430 AH – a new step towards Qiyaamah. Who cares?

Ramadan 1430 AH  !!!

Does it strike you?

For the gregorian calendar, we are stepping in 2010

Many events will be coming and we must be prepared for them

Not by listening to the media of men but to the media of Almighty – the Qur’an

This is our media!!! Every day, Allah gives us news in the sky, in the air and on earth.

But do we pay heed?

Do we understand His Divine message?

Or are we heedless?

It is high time that we commit ourselves sincerely during this blessed month of Ramadan!!!

Let us change our bad habits – the habits of shaytan and let us do tawbah and ask Allah to help us in our search for truth!!!

No one else can help us

We have been so much ingrained in our routine; our nurture is a barrier for us and there is no time

We must repent not once but thousands of time in sijda

Let us return on our alliance made to Allah some 50, 000 years before the creation of this world [ chp 7 v 172]

Islam is not a traditional issue that we inherited from our forefathers. Islam means submission to the Almighty

We have a brain to reflect. How many effort do we do to earn a living, how much do we strive to buy a beautiful house and all amenities and this we do for this ephemeral life?

And what about our final aboard? don’t we pay heed? are we muslims part time?

Are we muslims only at Jum’a prayers or during swalaat time?

We are not talking about those who even do not care about fasting, who continue the same trend of life …..

Brothers and sisters, it is high time we shoulder each other and remind each other of the dangers of this type of life.

May Allah give us insight and awareness

Your sister in islam