Now what are muslims doing in their day-to-day lives in order to accomplish their mission as vice regents?

The Noble Qur’an says in chapter 2 starting from verse 30, that we mankind we have been created as khalifah [representatives of God] on earth.

Therefore, we all have a mission: Our mission is to serve Allah, to establish peace and to uproot evil.

Let us not lose our objectives!!!!

Do not let the devil fool us

We have not been created to imitate unbelievers, to dress like them, to eat what they eat or to watch what they watch.

Stop complaining about this and that

Start working at your jannah [your aboard in paradise]

Don’t think because you have a muslim name, you already have a passport for jannat-ul -firdous

That’s too simple an imagination!!

If you feel you are a Muslim, then you have to prove it!!!

That’s so simple. if you say you are an engineer, you have to prove it. If you say you are a doctor, you have to prove it. If you say you are an electrician, you have to prove it. Or else, who would employ you???

So, show your competence as a believer!!!

and by doing this each day, you have indeed participated in the élan of islamisation of the world



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