An important Health Aspects in the Prophet’s “Sunnah”

Sexual Life: making love with your wife

Islam regards the need for sexual relations as natural for adults. If this need is naturally fulfilled within marriage relations, it is then not only a need satisfying practice but it rather merits reward from God.

To the contrary, Islam considers extra-marital practices as punishable practices, causing illnesses and producing feelings of immorality, guilt and sin.

The Prophet actually used to encourage youth to become married early and considered doing sex and making love with one’s legal mate as a piety act! The Prophet said:

And in making love with your mate you will get a reward from God; the companions then said: how is that we satisfy our sexual desire and be rewarded for it?

The Prophet then said: Do you not see that if this desire was satisfied in a prohibited manner, wouldn’t that be sinful? So the reverse is true, a lawful sexual satisfaction is going to rewarded’ [Related by Muslim].

The Prophet also gave advice on how to make love and how to enjoy it:

‘Do not just fall (when making love) onto your wife just like an animal falling onto its partner, but let there be a messenger in between? Companions then asked: What is that messenger? The Prophet then said: Talking, fore playing and kissing’

Another genuine advice by the Prophet [pbuh] that is found now to have a very profound positive effect on women’s psychological and physical health is what we are going to see in this following


‘You must be honest and caring with your wife when making love with her, that if you ejaculated early, you should wait for her till she gets satisfied (reaches her climax) as well’ [Related by AbuYhaala].

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