How blessed are we to be muslims Part II

If I wear the hijab I am rewarded,

If my friends copy me,

I am rewarded for myself and for what they do!

I delete mails concerning movies, film star, etc; I’m rewarded. I am rewarded for all the bad, un-Islamic programmes  I never see on TV.

I get rewarded for all the bad songs & music I never hear!

I buy a good Islamic cassette, I get rewarded.

I ‘think’ of doing a good deed, I’m rewarded.

I do that good deed, I’m ten times rewarded!!!

I bother to read an Islamic message, I’m rewarded.

I bother to send such a msg, I’m rewarded.

I get rewarded for all the people I send it to!

(hey all I do is ‘click’!!!)

I control my temper, I get rewarded.

We watch it together as a family, we get rewarded.

I hold the glass with my right hand while drinking, I’m rewarded.

I go shopping dressed in Islamic way,

I get rewarded.

While you are reading this page, I am being  rewarded.

You mail this to all, we all get rewarded!!!! !!!!!!



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