Do you care if i say: Ramadan is coming soon?

  • Do you pay heed about the good news: Ramadan is coming soon?

  • But then, as it will come so it will go ….fast, very fast

  • Many people just take Ramadan as a news: Ramadan is coming but their hearts remain heedless….

  • In fact, they do not care

  • Many others wait for the last minute and then say: “I hope Ramadan is not tomorrow because i have not yet had time to prepare….”

  • And when we ask them: what do you have to prepare?

  • Sadly they reply: i have not bought any sirop, any flour, dried grapes, dates etc to start sehri and of course to feast at iftar…

  • Ramadan has become a kind of : let’s party tonight…!

  • inviting friends and even non believers to feast: the iftar party and making dua [invocation] without knowing a single word of what we are saying

  • This is no joke and nothing to do with criticising. Surely not!!! this is a reflection that brings awareness and God consciousness

  • Ramadan’s objective is to bring God consciousness

  • We are human beings. We have been given reasoning so let us reason according to the Quran and hadith….

  • Over eating over sleeping over talking ….all these are against the rule of  Ramadan….and of course, against the principle of Islam

  • Do not say that you do not know

  • Now you know, brothers and sisters. Surely you have read, surely you know….

  • May Allah bless us all with firm iman and forgive our sins

  • and take care of our family

Your sister in islam



  1. John said,

    July 11, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Mashallah nice sister Allah bless you .


  2. ammaara said,

    August 19, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    Thank you very much brother. May Allah the Almighty bless you too


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