The process of loving our creator : Allah

No matter who you are, in which society or family you have been raised….

This is not fundamental. what you should ask yourself is:

Who created me? because whatever exists in this universe has not come by coincidence [haphazardly].

You have a chair, a table, a kitchen…did they come naturally or somebody made them? You wear clothes everyday and you eat, do they come naturally to you or did someone sew them and cook your food for you? You know mathematics, physics, geography. Did this knowledge come naturally? or did you cultivate them and learn them or experience them? the same applies about your creation.

Ask yourself how and why were you born? then things will surely become clearer in your mind. You are here because you serve as a purpose. You are here to evaluate your capacity to be sincere towards your creator: Allah

You are here to serve the one who gave you life: Allah

You are here to test your aptitude, to differentiate between good and bad

Know that Allah is ever watching….

You are here because you have a mission to accomplish: make the world submit to the natural process of Al-Islam

You are here because you asked for it: remember your alliance with Allah some 50,000 years before the creation of this material word [see chp 7 v 172 of the Quran]

Why can’t you love Allah, the Supreme, He who created you and provide everything for you…ask yourself the question

Just do not say you love, because loving implies obedience, effort, constant effort, perseverance….

Do you accept this process …i mean until death seizes us?

Sister Ammaara

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