Ramadan : i will miss you….

O Allah, i have been waiting for Ramadan for such a long time, making plans and hoping that everything will be so perfect….

I have planned so many good actions in order to please You only….

But reality is not the same….

so many trials and added to this, our own weaknesses….

But what i  am wishing is that the last days of Ramadan, i will witness the night of Qadr…

O the Most Powerful, O the Magnificent, change our destiny for the better and remove all our sufferings, pains and allow us to glorify You as You like it most.

Oh the most Generous, turn the hearts of all muslims and myself towards Your pleasure,

Turn their hearts towards wisdom, awareness and love for You alone….

Keep us away from passion, vain desires that the accursed Shaytan instills within us….as he  makes us forgetful of our duties towards You

O Allah, accept this Ramadan from us and make it a shield against the attacks of our bitterest enemy: shaytan

Elevate us through our actions and effort done sincerely to gain Your Divine Love

Forgive us any weaknesses, any bad habits, any passion….for this ephemeral world and the tricky idea of loving somebody else secretly  and desiring his love…

Show us the straight path and make it easy for us….

Let our mind focus on it day and night so that we never lose our objectives….never!!!

O Ramadan, we have witnessed you…you are leaving….we are all hoping of  reaping what we have sowed…

Shall we witness you again next year?

Sister Ammaara

image on Allah