The damaging effect of homosexuality

Well, before we answer the question: are we for or against the legalization of homosexuality, it is important
once again [because we have already written articles about this issue] to understand what is homosexuality?
The word homo associated with gaypride…what is it?

do we need to be homo in order to be gay? remember, the word ‘gay’ is a word we no longer use because it is associated with the gay community. GAY means: to be happy, to be in a cheerful state..DOES IT MEAN ONLY HOMOSEXUALS ARE HAPPY? DOES IT MEAN THAT WE HAVE TO BECOME HOMOSEXUALS IN ORDER TO BE HAPPY?

Well, many people have reacted to my previous articles. this is a good sign. Hamdulillah.

Sure, everyone is free to live his life according to his own wishes. Anyone can deem think he is happy the way he lives. Parents are appealed to accept their sons and daughters who have BECOME gay people. These people vehemently protest that they are born homosexuals!!! Subhan Allah, when you take birth you are already inclined towards your own gender sex.

I have set many questions for you to answer. May Allah guide your heart and your spirit towards truth, insha Allah. The objective of this article is not to downgrade or to frustrate anyone. Anyone can be a victim of homosexuality. Anyone can be tried by homosexuality. How many people who are weakminded are influenced by such a life because they live in an environment of sodom & Ghomorrah. this story is cleary explained in the Qur’an [how they committed the sin of homosexuality and were punished by Allah]. The bible also mentions this sad story.

Today, homosexuality has become a trend, a new life style more than a need, if need there be.

But let’s see the end result of this? what is the finality of this life? why are we born? what is our mission on earth? is there a life after this ephemeral one? Are we contravening the law of nature by being gay….?
Do gay lack something in their relationship in order to be normal? What is abnormal in a gay relationship?
What is the role of shaytan in making them believe they are happy?

Drug addicts are happy the way they are, especially at the beginning, when they are ‘new addicts’. Those who drink alcohol up to the point of fainting are also happy because they enjoy their moments in pubs, discotheques etc. Those who commit adultery are happy to lead this life…so, should we legalise adultery, drugs etc?

should we legalise all sins? Should we accept them as normal? just because many people are enjoying them?

However, what these people do not tell you, is the effect and consequences of their acts?

Also, some muslims are trying to re-invent the law of Allah. They believe that we should accept homosexuals as a normal act. Allah is the creator of all. He is indeed, the CREATOR OF ALL BEINGS, whether they are atheists, polytheists or faithful worshippers. No one can deny this fact. If you believe a chair cannot exist on its own unless somebody has shaped it; if you believe a car cannot be driven on its own unless somebody drives it, well, let me tell you, that the world cannot be administered on its own unless a CREATOR ADMINISTORS it.

Now coming back on this issue, the Quran has given mankind guidelines to follow, out of HIS profound love for us. Allah Al Azize, loves His creatures so much that HE establishes laws to save them from miseries. Only limited acts are considered illegal [haraam] in islam.

Muslims enjoy the freedom to live happily on this earth if they obey to the law of nature which is Al-Islam. the moment we transgress the limits, and we go beyond the law of nature, we fail drastically. and this is my point.

HOMOSEXUALITY IS AGAINST NATURE. Man and woman are complementary by nature. Biologically, man and woman complement each other. this is why there is union. there is marriage. there are children coming from this union. children is the fruit of this union whereas homosexuality cannot. Homosexuals do not use the legal and natural organ to have sexual relationship. They are contravening the law of Allah by using an organ meant for the release of waste matter. So they develop diseases and many complications.

And we wonder what is the part played by the media, by stars, singers, filmmakers etc in the promotion of homosexuality? And we know for sure, how many among them lead a proper and decent life. And we know for sure, how they end their lives…..

May Allah forgive us all. May Allah help all brothers and sisters who are tested by this sin. May Allah give us deep insight to follow the good and stay far from sins.

Ameen Ya Allah

The bonds of love

He who loves Allah and prays five times a day will surely get His Divine protection,
and he who is protected by God cannot be harmed by anyone ♦♦♦