Do you want to hear about this heartfelt story? For those who still stick to colour difference…

The black boy


A young black boy saw a balloon seller on a street corner.

His eyes sparkled as he gazed at all the different colored

balloons – red, blue, white, black, yellow…


The old man selling the balloons saw the boy hesitate, then

gather his courage and approach.


“Tell me mister,” said the boy, “Do the black balloons fly

as high as the others?”


The old man felt a tear forming in his eye. He picked the boy

up, sat him on his knee and said, “Look.”


He let go of all the balloons. They drifted up in a cluster,

higher and higher into the blue sky, until they were so high

they disappeared.


“Did you see that?” the balloon seller asked.


“Yes,” said the boy.


“Did the black balloons fly as high as the others?”


“Yes, Mister, they did.”


“You see my boy, the balloons are like people. The important

thing isn’t their color, or what they look like on the outside.

No, the important thing is WHAT’S INSIDE.


And what’s inside you makes all the difference in life.”



1 Comment

  1. Kader Ka said,

    July 22, 2011 at 6:08 am

    Certainly, an eye opening story. Jazakumullah!


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