The end of the world: 2012?

People are speculating around the world, saying that the world will end in 2012.

Well, when ordinary people are saying this, you can just bypass this statement…

But when leaders of groups or some leaders of sects are calling people towards this, then, you have to pay more attention, right?

In fact, since time immemorial, people have had the fear of dying and the fear of the world’s end.

It is a natural instinct in everyone of us.

but it seems that some groups of people are using this to frighten others and to weaken them , as if trying to control them in some ways or the other.

We know that for example, in America, some groups of people are purchasing food in stock for their whole family for some few years ahead.

So many spectulations.Yet, both the Bible and the Quran are clear: the Hour will come unexpectedly. No one knows about its real moment. Even when the Jews approached our noble prophet [pbuh] about this issue, Allah told him [pbuh] to inform them that the hour is known by Allah alone.

It means that even the prophet [pbuh] did not know about it!!! Now, how come people are saying: it is in this year or that year.

Like we have seen some scholars giving exact dates or years when the Mahdi will come etc. no one is aware of exact dates and the exact manner how things will turn out.

What we know is that certain events will certainly happen and as believers [if we believe we are muslims], then our duty is to obey Allah.

Our duty is NOT to be obsessed by the event itself but rather to work on how to win in the event.

Our duty is to work with our body [physically] and our money in the way of Allah.

The Quran invites us to be generous, not only towards our family and near kins but towards our community at large.

How much do we spend unnecessarily for our children, and how many children are unnecessarily deprived of food and clothes and even of our attention and love?