The pop singer Whitney Houston is dead 1963-2012

A life is over….who really cares? and for how long?

How many will use this death in order to build their own popularity and gain money?

Whitney Houston was well known as the voice  She is a music legend.

Today, at the age of 48, she is no more. Who really knows what happened to her on the agony of death?

Whether we are muslims or non muslims, a death reminds us always of what will happen to us next. Isn’t ?

Every body seems to talk about her brilliant life as a pop star and her habits of using drugs and alcohol.

But why so many singers, actors and actresses are unhappy? Why always this mixture of drugs with popularity?

Who are responsible to bring them to these darknesses? How many young people dream to sing and be popstars, do they dream to leave this world like this?

Do they really understand what it is to live a happy, peaceful and successful life?

So, i think the media should also speak about what they consider as successful and not successful life….



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