I want to know the purpose of my life!!!!

How many people are born in countries, cities or even families, where it is practically difficult to gain comprehensive knowledge about this life…

Education at school, at the universities, and to add it worst, many medias, work hard to give us a version of life that is NOT TRUE.

The school syllabus is often obsolete, or simply out of reality.Poor innocent boys and girls are still learning that their ancestors are APES. But when we tell them they are therefore monkeys, they become upset. Because NO HUMAN BEING IS PROUD TO BE A MONKEY? AND NO HUMAN BEING IS PROUD TO WORSHIP A MONKEY, RIGHT?

Why? simply because human beings are far more developed and superior than a monkey.We cannot pray something that is inferior to us. No. THIS IS SIMPLY IRRELEVANT TO OUR MINDS.

The result of all these insubordinations to the Creator of the World: Allah, has resulted in many social, religious, economic, political, cultural problems around the world.

It is high time we leave aside our own opinions which are the fruit of our wild minds. it is time to tame our minds through submission, determination, love, understanding, reasoning…

What is your purpose in life? i am sure, all of you will agree. We are all looking for PEACE.

But why are you looking further? ISLAM STANDS FOR PEACE.

If the media at large, wanted to live happily, they would not have misinformed you about ISLAM….

The hidden agenda is to lead all young people astray….to lead them in agony…..

Just listen to this young girl’s video and tell me what you think insha Allah



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