Funny when scholars mix music and Islam altogether

Or rather, I should say: it is sad to mix falsehood with truth? isn’t it?

Is it a big sin to bring along our lusts/desires/passions into Islam

and make them halaal when they are not.

Well, you may ask: is music and songs haram? Not any type of course!!!!

when the words carry good meanings and do not contravene the rules and regulations of Islam,

when the musical instrument used is allowed, then it is halaal.

But will you say : music is the  nourishment of the soul? Surely not.

But if you tell me that swalaat, dhikr…are the nourishment of the soul. Then I agree.

Today some so called scholars use the media to promote music, indecency, mixity between men and women

in the name of DEEN.

It is dangerous? Yes, it is very dangerous because music brings hypocrisy to the heart [nifaaq].

When people listen too much to music, they lose their righteousness, their taqwa [ fear for Allah],

their hearts harden, they lose their dignity, they become cheap…why? because islam is a DEEN of seriousness,

of dignity, of honour. When people try to dance, to imitate their fans etc…they lose the light on their face.

Before, you oppose yourself to this reality, take a few time to reflect and to analyse deeply on what I have said.

Take time to ask Allah if this message is right or wrong.

Or else, bring sincere arguments based on Qur’an and hadith.

Remember: this life is not meant to play and to live eternally. It is meant to work,

to struggle hard in order to win the best place in the hereafter.

Can you tell me where mixity with strange women and dancing and singing have their place?



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