Can non muslims who revert to Islam be called muslims?

This is a big issue and confusion in the mind of many Muslims living in Mauritius

They often ask me: can a Muslim woman marry a non Muslim?” When i say “No”. they would add: But if he has embraced Islam?”

So, it is clear that many Muslims cannot understand that once a non believer has embraced islam, he is a muslim.

the moment a person says: I testify that there is no god except Allah and i testify that Muhammad is the last messenger, then this person is a muslim.

Where comes this confusion?

Many often, we see parents who refuse that their sons or daughters marry new muslims. they say they are not muslims. their blood is impure because they are not born muslims.

All these ideas are futile and only ignorant people, who do not have any knowledge about their religion and way of life, can think this way, can divide Muslims and new Muslims.

There are so many evidences in the Noble Qur’an and the Hadith. so, it is high time we stop making a fuss about conversion.

Instead, we must all realise that the percentage of muslims in mauritius is still very low [17-18%] because we are still

doing dawah to muslims and we are not making enough effort to pass on the noble message of islam to others.

It is high time we wake up from this lethargy and understand the severe punishment that awaits us on the Judgment Day if we do not accept our mission as vicegerent on Allah’s earth. We will be condemned if we do not care about others’. if we know the truth of this life, it is our duty to propagate truth to our neighbours, colleagues, friends etc.

Eating briani is only part of our culture but warning people of hellfire is a MUST for all of us.

And once we have brought people to islam, it is our duty to assist them in all their spiritual and social affairs

May this message pass on to each and everyone. May it be a reminder to all of us.

May we insha Allah act upon truth and justice for the sake of Allah alone

Instead of focusing on words : converts, reverts etc. let us unite as MUSLIMS – LET US ACCEPT NEW MUSLIMS AMONG US AS OUR DEAREST BROTHERS AND SISTERS


Your sister in Islam


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