Important reminder about this dua in the last ten days of Ramadan

Please seek help with a sincere heart. Multiply your tawbah. You may not witness the next Ramadan


We thank our little brother Haythem for sending us this dua. May Allah Azzawajal reward him for this noble act. Ameen

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The types of hearts

Because the heart is described as possessing life or death, it is classified into three types:


The Correct and Sound Heart

This is the truthful and sound (salim) heart. It is the only type of heart that a person can bring to Allah on the Day of Judgement which will rescue him. Allah, Exalted is He says,

“The Day when neither wealth nor sons will be of any use – except for he who comes to Allah with a sound and flawless heart.” (Surah ash-Shu’ara, 26 : 88-89)

The meaning of Salim (secure) is salim (the one who is secure), it has come in this form because it depicts an innate attribute or description of the described. As such it is grammatically like the words tall (tawil), short (qasir), or graceful and charming (zarif).

Therefore the one whose heart is described as salim is…

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Our hearts cry because of this injustice. Ya Allah, You are Ar Rahman, save our muslim brothers and sisters from this torment



Humanity: Save Burma and save humanity. You will be responsible for your act on Judgment Day

Turkey comes to help Muslims in need

Can somebody be killed just because of his religious appurtenance in 2014-2015?

YES, this is still possible….Muslims are being killed mercilessly whether they are babies, children and women.

Torture is a terrible thing to bear for those who remain alive and watch the horrible scene of ‘unhumanness’

Who cares?


This is brotherhood among Muslims – when the Prime Minister of Turkey and his family decide to step there as a moral support….





Emine Erdogan at the Banduba refugee camp in the Myanmar coastal state of Rakhine.

“Turkish people have come forward to help Innocent Muslims of Burma who are facing worst conditions in their own country of residence. Wife of Turk Prime Minister starts weeping after seeing the worst condition of Burmese Muslims. We appreciate the courage of Turk Govt. and hope they will continue their leading role to support Burmese Muslims” Dawa.TV

They brought aid to the Banduba refugee camp in the Myanmar coastal state of Rakhine.

this video is heartbreaking

Brotherhood is Islam can be felt in this blessed month of Ramadan when the wife of the turkish government visited Burma

So moving Subhan Allah. May Allah put mercy in the heart of every muslim in the whole world towards one another.



Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s wife and a Myanmar refugee woman hug each other, crying

She is in myanmar to raise awareness of the plight of Muslims in Myanmar
To deliver aid to the province of Arakan, where a massacre of Rohingya Muslims is being carried out by BUDHISTS


Heart moving!!!

May Allah help the muslims of Burma. Ameen