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The types of hearts

Because the heart is described as possessing life or death, it is classified into three types:


The Correct and Sound Heart

This is the truthful and sound (salim) heart. It is the only type of heart that a person can bring to Allah on the Day of Judgement which will rescue him. Allah, Exalted is He says,

“The Day when neither wealth nor sons will be of any use – except for he who comes to Allah with a sound and flawless heart.” (Surah ash-Shu’ara, 26 : 88-89)

The meaning of Salim (secure) is salim (the one who is secure), it has come in this form because it depicts an innate attribute or description of the described. As such it is grammatically like the words tall (tawil), short (qasir), or graceful and charming (zarif).

Therefore the one whose heart is described as salim is…

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