What are the traps and tricks of the accursed shaytan?

What should be your attitudes after Ramadan?

Many muslims unknowingly fall into the traps of Shaytan the accursed. They think that a whole month of sacrifice is enough! So on Eid Day, they forget everything about their promises to keep themselves cleaned and purified. They all of a sudden become worse than they were just before Ramadan. They re-adopt their bad habits. Many Muslims go to nightclubs, they dance, listen to unhealthy music, go out with unhealthy so-called friends, smoke cigarettes…and what more???

They stop praying, Subhan Allah. They turn their back to Almighty Allah, the One who accepted their duas during the Ramadan. now, they feel they no longer need Allah. Ya Allah, protect our heart from any type of ungratefulness.

1- Satan makes sins seem nice
Satan has made their deeds seem pleasing in their eyes. (An-Naml, 24) Qur’an

2-Satan keeps people busy with false desires

I will mislead them and I will create in them false desires…(an-Nisa,119) Qur’an

3-Satan keeps people busy with meaningless things and nonsense

4-Satan makes people worship invalid gods
Some of those invalid gods are as follows:1-Satan /2-Evil-commanding soul /3-Idols/4-People

5-Satan causes delusions in prayer (salah)

The Prophet stated the following:

“When the call for the prayer is pronounced, Satan takes to his heels, passing wind with noise, When the call for the prayer is finished, he comes back. And when the Iqama is pronounced, he again takes to his heels, and after its completion, he returns again to interfere between the praying person and his heart, saying to him. ‘Remember this or that thing.’ till the person forgets how many rakahs he has performed.” (Bukhari, Bad’u’l-Khalq, 11)

6-Satan tries to prevent people from prostrating:

The Prophet [pbuh] stated the following regarding the issue:

When the son of Adam recites the Ayah of Sajdah (prostration) and then falls down in prostration, Satan goes into seclusion and weeps and says: Alas; and in the narration of Abu Kuraib the words are: Woe unto me, the son of Adam was commanded to prostrate, and he prostrated and Paradise was entitled to him and I was commanded to prostrate, but I refused and am doomed to
Hell.. (Muslim)

7-Satan leads people to imitate others

When they are told to follow the (revelation) that Allah has sent down, they say: “Nay we shall follow the ways that we found our fathers (following).” What! Even if it is Satan beckoning them to the Penalty of the (Blazing) Fire? (Luqman, 21)

Imitation (taqlid) means to accept a word without any evidence

8-Satan drives a wedge between people

Allah states the following in the Qur’an:

Say to My servants that they should (only) say those things that are best: for Satan doth sow dissensions among them: for Satan is to man an avowed enemy. (al-Isra, 53)

9-Satan frightens people :-”Satan threatens you with poverty and bids you to conduct unseemly.” (Al-Baqara, 268)

“It is only the Evil One that suggests to you the fear of his votaries: be ye not afraid of them, but fear Me, if ye have Faith.” (Al-Imran, 175)

10-Satan does not let man confess his mistakes

11-Satan encourages people to drink alcohol and to gamble

12-Satan makes people forget

And be ye not like those who forgot Allah; and He made them forget themselves souls! such are the rebellious transgressors. (Al-Hashr, 19)

13- Satan proceeds to the target step by step

O ye who believe! Follow not Satan’s footsteps: if any will follow the footsteps of Satan he will (but) command what is indecent and wrong… (an-Nur, 21; al-Baqara, 168, 208; al-An’am, 142)

14- Satan leads people to fire :The one who was created out of fire will end up in fire. However, he does not want to be alone in fire; he wants to have many people, who were sent to the earth as vicegerents, with him in fire

Please reflect upon this verse:

The noble month is a true school of transformation in which we change our actions, habits and manners that are in variance with the Law of Allah ‘azza wa jall. “Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” [Ar-Ra`d, 11]
Ramadan is a school for each one of us. Are we good students? Have we acquired something during this full month of training? Have you been qualified by Allah, after this?
Remember: it is easy to fall, yet hard to stand up again
Sister Ammaara

Some more good news during this blessed month of Ramadan

Dawah is the invitation to non-muslims. Islam, as you know, is not for muslims, it is for the whole humanity.

Dawah is the duty of every muslim man and woman because every individual must know who is the Creator and what the Qur’an preaches.


This 80 year old man has just embraced Islam with our brothers on Market Street, Manchester.

We pray that Allah the Most Wise makes him into the best of the Muslims and an example for us that its never too late to return back to the true worship of Allah. Ameen.








[below] This is Br. Daniel who took his shahaadah with the team yesterday at the Olympic Village.

We pray that Allah The Most High makes Br. Daniel into the best of believers and a guiding light for not-yet-Muslims around the world. Ameen.


Brother Abdurraheem Green giving da’wah near the Olympic village.



Courtesy: IERA Dawah 2012


When Muslim leaders from several countries of the world decide to unite, see what can happen

SubhanAllah..!!! Allahu Akbar

Prayer can change your destiny!!! Remember, we must be positive and always pray for the leaders of the islamic countries. May Allah guide them towards the message of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

May Allah shed light in their hearts towards the Ummah! May Allah bless them by helping the Ummah in a better way.


Today 27th Ramdhan in Makkah 58 country’s Muslim leaders United and discussed about Burma and Syria

Insha Allah all Muslims will be United under the reign of Hazrat Mahdi [as]



Remember: Muslims are brothers. They do not backbite each other. When you see wrong in people, make dua. Dua is a powerful weapon that can change your destiny, from bad to good.