Some more good news during this blessed month of Ramadan

Dawah is the invitation to non-muslims. Islam, as you know, is not for muslims, it is for the whole humanity.

Dawah is the duty of every muslim man and woman because every individual must know who is the Creator and what the Qur’an preaches.


This 80 year old man has just embraced Islam with our brothers on Market Street, Manchester.

We pray that Allah the Most Wise makes him into the best of the Muslims and an example for us that its never too late to return back to the true worship of Allah. Ameen.








[below] This is Br. Daniel who took his shahaadah with the team yesterday at the Olympic Village.

We pray that Allah The Most High makes Br. Daniel into the best of believers and a guiding light for not-yet-Muslims around the world. Ameen.


Brother Abdurraheem Green giving da’wah near the Olympic village.



Courtesy: IERA Dawah 2012


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