When Muslim leaders from several countries of the world decide to unite, see what can happen

SubhanAllah..!!! Allahu Akbar

Prayer can change your destiny!!! Remember, we must be positive and always pray for the leaders of the islamic countries. May Allah guide them towards the message of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

May Allah shed light in their hearts towards the Ummah! May Allah bless them by helping the Ummah in a better way.


Today 27th Ramdhan in Makkah 58 country’s Muslim leaders United and discussed about Burma and Syria

Insha Allah all Muslims will be United under the reign of Hazrat Mahdi [as]



Remember: Muslims are brothers. They do not backbite each other. When you see wrong in people, make dua. Dua is a powerful weapon that can change your destiny, from bad to good.

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