The New Islamic Year Muharram 1434

We wish all our brothers and sisters of faith,

A happy and prosperous New Year of the islamic Calendar 1434 AH

Indeed, when Muharram comes, we need to understand that it is not simply a year; in fact, it is a new era.

Brothers and sisters, we are approaching the End Times.

Most of the signs are nearing and we need to be highly focused on our main objectives

There is practically no time, so save your time for doing the right thing and do not waste it in futile discussion and futile entertainment

Remember: when you die, your actions follow you

So, make good intentions and follow them with good actions insha Allah


1 Comment

  1. yushreen said,

    November 19, 2012 at 7:37 am

    sister thank you for reminding us that we are approaching the end time. being so we must not being slack in remembering Allah and we must work together to ward off mischief on the earth. yes only our action will follow us.


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