Why your mother is important to you?

Allah mentions many times the importance of parents in the Qur’an through stories of the prophets. Mothers have more duties towards children because they bear their children in their womb for nine months.

During these nine months, they bear their babies, they feed them, they feel them and when the time of delivery comes, they suffer a lot…..


A cesarean delivery is a surgical procedure in which a fetus is delivered through an incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. This is so scientific.In a plain language it means where a woman’s abdomen is cut with knife due to her inability to deliver vaginally. This and more are the reasons why we should not joke with our mothers. Women suffer alot, not to talk about the sleepless night she spends because of you. The suffering is numerous. I will urge you all to put a smile always on your mothers face, give them all they want, talk to them nicely and be patience with them.Infact without your mothers blessings you will never go anywhere in life here and hereafter.May Allah bless our mothers and elongate their lives in His obedience. May He give them the best of this life and the next.May He grant us the ability to be righteous to them more than just once a year. Let us take a moment to appreciate our mothers by mentioning why we love them. 




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