Do not fall into the trap of satan while doing dawah

If one modernizes oneself for the hidden purpose of Dawah, by removing his hijab? by sitting with non-mahrams and laughing and chatting with them?

OR a male da’ee who decides to look at beautiful women, inviting them towards Islam and complimenting them, so that he may be seen as modern and open-minded?

The path which he thinks he is calling towards, he himself has left it a long time back. What can be more absurd than one leaves the path of Islam to call people towards Islam. One leaves the path of Shariah to call people towards Shariah. Verily, Satan tricks people in ways they perceive not.

Guidance is from Allah alone. Delivering the message is our obligation, paying heed is theirs. Adopting clearly impermissible methods to TRY to bring people closer to Deen is simply deluding oneself. Or does he think his so-called genius strategies and dexterity can guide a person while Allah does not guide him?

As Umar RA said that from now on we will judge with what is apparent.

And Allah knows best what lies in the hearts.

Feeling is a kind of emotion. It is subjective and not rational.

Everyone can have a feeling upon a certain issue but this feeling is not objective unless it is based on facts or proof.

Proof can be found in the two sources of law: The Noble Qur’an and the Hadith.

Then of course, we have other secondary sources of law like Ijma, Qiyas or ijtihad.

Often we mix up our feelings with the Revelation of Allah. Subhan Allah and therefore we are unable to think and act properly and justly. 

Why? because we tend to look at things with our limited understanding

 And of course, this makes a whole world of difference.

so, let us be knowledgeable people and leave aside ignorance which is the evilroot of our miseries in life.

Let us be people of TAQWA

Note: those who have taqwa are called Atqaa

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