Let us give to the Qur’an its due respect

How does the Qur’an speaks about itself?

What is the title that precedes the Qur’an?

We people are used to mention the word holy too often. Do you know how the word holy is translated? Even we call our beloved prophet [pbuh] holy.

Holy in the arabic language is  ‘Muqaddas’ , And Allaah ta’Alaa has never referred to the Qur’an as being, Quran-il-Muqaddas, nor will you find in the reliable books of Sunnah Qurana-il-Muqaddas (The Holy Quran).

Allaah called the Qur’an, Qur’an-il Kareem(Noble Quran), Quran-il Hakeem(The Wise Quran), Quran-il Majid (The Glorious Quran)etc. So in-shaa’Allaah lets refer the Qur’an according to the names Allaah had given it, not simply imitating others without intending to do so. And Allaah ta’Ala knows best.

May Allah help us to understand that loving Him is obeying Him

Let us ask Allah for His mercy and His Love


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