Why do we need to constantly remind ourselves and others that songs and dances can lead us to hellfire?

Many Muslims who pray swalaat, fast during the month of Ramadan, do hajj, are still trapped by the accursed shaytan. May Allah Azzawajal protect us from him and his traps.

Songs, musical instruments and dances are often ‘created’ to delude us and bring us to the wrong path. why? because satan uses weak people like ‘stars’, actors, actresses, dancers and public figures to represent him.

since it is in the nature of human beings to imitate, innocently and ignorantly, we follow the trend. we copy popular stars and we do the same….without realising what we are actually doing.

When scholars, imams and sincere believers try to warn us, what we do? we simply take them for fools or idiots. or we say they are some foolish killed-joy!!!!

And we persist and persist until we are overcome with confusion, lack of sincerity, lazziness and many problems. The more we are confused, the more shaytan plays trick upon us and instills in us the desire to listen to more music and more songs.

Now, with songs, we need a especial behaviour. I mean an awkward behaviour: some bizarre pants, with cigarettes, and a bizarre way of talking etc…

This is a vicious circle and many people cannot afford to think about it because they are deluded by this tricky life…

Well , let’s see below this very popular singer and his awkward dance:

May Allah protect us from this


The gang damned style!!!!

Well after this, what will you argue ?

Let me tell you brothers and sisters of faith, these stars are manipulating you. they are imitating idols, rituals that are against islamic teachings. If I tell you this is against islam, will you continue to do it? then what is your intention?

A special note for those who want to accept Islam as their way of life:

Note that Islam is the only ‘religion’ that condamns some form of songs and musical instruments. The reason is simple: songs have the same effect as words but even more powerful. when you hear songs, your brain automatically registers what you hear and you systematically repeat the song. In other words, you do not do it voluntarily rather songs dominate you!!!

Now, if you are saying foul, futile, disrespecting words, people will not be happy with you? isnt it? but how come that these songs often contain vile words, satanic words, futile words, and still you repeat them without feeling embarrassed???

While some people believe that they come from apes, well may be they mistake themselves by seeing people dancing right?

when people dance, they look and behave like monkeys and if you just turn off the volume, they look pitiful with their gestures. Try it and see for yourself!!!

Well a special note for you dear readers:

Try to stay away from music for a month or so and see how it changes your life for the better. please if you are in search for inner peace, just stay away from this vicious circle and insha Allah, you will feel cured from the diseases of the heart




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