A sincere appeal to our brothers and sisters from Egypt

The following words are from a sincere revert sister: Aisha Hamidon


My dear brothers and sisters in Egypt ~ Please take a minute and open your minds and hearts to what I need to say. Yes, I’m still a baby in Islam (a revert) and not so old yet (lacking wisdom), weak in Arabic (but loves the Quran), but please listen because there is something I do know 100% sure!

The solution to the problems in Egypt is Tawheed. You must worship Allah alone – not Egypt, or Egyptian culture, or money, or fame, or music, or the military, or the flag, or your families, or a scholar. ALLAH! This means rejecting anything in the culture, in Egypt, in your family that competes with or takes precedence over ALLAH, including your kufr constitution, including the Muslim Brotherhood, including Morsi, Sissi, and whomever.

Please, you must clear your minds of all thoughts of nationalism and Egyptian patriotism. It’s evil, full of shirk, and will destroy your imaan. Get rid of those kufr flags and symbols. Open your heart to Allah’s Law, the Shariah Law. Yes, there’s been a lot of lies and propaganda spread about it. You may not even understand it for sure. I was once like that. I was raised in America in kufr, to parents who were upper middle-class, and brainwashed into that culture. If I could leave those lies and shirk and propaganda, so can you!

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