Are you interested to be a Muslim?

Dawah in Mauritius

Islam is NOT a sect. It does not belong to a specific category or group of individuals.

Islam is universal because it is a way of life. Islam has been designed by a universal creator for all human beings

There is no distinction of race, gender, skin colour, weight, country

of origin

this is the uniqueness of Islam. It is free from all injustices and free from all biases

Well, since now, you have only heard what the media told you about islam. Isn’t it?

Or you have heard some fanatics discuss about islam?

Or you have heard a few things about islam which you don’t fully understand or have doubts upon some issues?

Well, if you say you are intelligent, wise and just, please take time to ask before you criticise

It is unjust to make quick judgement about people

May God the Almighty open our hearts towards justice, fairness, love and affection for all our fellow brothers and sisters in the world.

And remember, we are all from Adam and Eve

girls with quran

Let us try to ask ourselves some important questions?

1. Who created us?

2. why have we been created?

3. What is the purpose of this life?

4. Why do we have to die?

5. What happen to us when we die?

6. Where do our loved ones go when their souls leave their bodies?

7. Do I have a chance to meet my dead loved ones one day?

8. Who can explain to me why some people are good and others are bad?

9. What is the difference between destiny and reincarnation? Why do muslims reject reincarnation?

10. Is Jesus God? or, do you think because he did not have a father….?

11. Why do muslims call God, Allah?

12. Is there a life after death?

13. I am miserable and unhappy. is there a chance for me to hope for a better life?

14. Islam means peace and submission to one God. so, doesn’t Islam shun all fanatical and bias principles?

15. Why do we insist upon an invisible God without any images whatsoever? Who can pretend to have seen God?

16. why are pictures of living things not allowed in the house?

17. Do you know what are the things that you do which prevent angels from coming in your house?

18. If angels do not visit your house, will you feel peace in your house?

children quran 2

If you think you can answer all these questions, then your knowledge about this life is meaningful.

“Remember, we are all seekers of truth but we need to have enough courage to accept

the truth after having found it.”  – Ammaara-Uddeen



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