Colon pain and constipation

Well, you are surprised that I am publishing an article which at first sight does not look islamic 🙂 well, do not forget that i have written a book about Food and its connection with our faith.

Many people nowadays cannot understand that having a good health is important to better live our faith in Allah. It is important to take care of your body because your body is not yours. It has been given to you and you will have to answer in the way you treat it….

Colon pain is actually very painful. Colon pain can be caused by many things, ranging from serious to mild to minor. However, colon pain should always be addressed in order to act early on any condition that could result in serious problems. causes are the most common reasons why people experience colon pain.

Constipation and colon problem
Bowel movements vary for everyone, but if you notice that the interval between your last bowel movement has been longer than normal and experience colon pain, you are likely suffering from constipation. It begins with the hardening of stool between the large intestine and rectum. The longer fecal matter sits there, the harder it because (due to water absorption) and the more backed up you become. This triggers abdominal cramping and colon/rectum discomfort. Constipation often takes care of itself, but medication and other treatments are available to help with this problem.

The human colon, also called the large intestine, is the lower portion of the digestive system. The colon is shaped like an upside down letter “U” and is comprised of three major sections.

 There are a number of common colon problems that can affect a person’s overall health.

Anyway, very often problems occur in the way we eat!!! Yes, we may eat something which irritates our body system and without realising it, you can be eating the wrong food

Some women get colon pain with monthly menstruation.

One of the best way to cleanse your colon, that is, to get rid of pain and sickness, is to drink lots of water, or natural juices and to fast optionally.

Avoid all food that makes you constipate and do not do any excesses in terms of spices, chillies etc



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