The feminist approach of the dajjal upon women

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

Subhan Allah, I just came from a conference delivered by Sheikh Imran Hosein in Mauritius Island at Beau-Bassin.

His topic was about Dajjal and women

You may wish to listen to his conferences on youtube

I think Muslims should go and revise their understanding about Islam in a wider sense.

We tend to focus upon things that are less important or of totally unimportant issues but we are not aware what the dajjal is trying to do with our women. and worse, how men, through their ignorance, are pushing women to do…

When you are preventing women from participating as a part and essence of the islamic circle, you are throwing them away. Who will profit? You decide

When you Muslims say that Muslim women do not have the right to come and pray at the mosque or to listen to the Friday kutbah, you are taking away her rights.

Don’t twist hadith. The prophet [pbuh] never prevented women to come to the mosque. This is OPTIONAL FOR HER. Now, women are indulging themselves in other interest, rather than islamic interest

Many men allow their wives to work among men in companies, dressed in unislamic uniforms but they are not allowed to attend mosques, Bayt Allah!!!!


It is high time that both men and women work for their mutual understanding

Who is a man?

Who is a woman?

What does the Qur’an and the hadith say about how a man and a woman should stay together?

Don’t let the dajjal [may Allah protect us against his evil and lies] guide you and give you a satanic program


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