Did the prophet [pbuh] celebrate Mihraj?

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

One important question that I’m sure many Muslims are asking themselves?

Do I have to fast tomorrow?

Well, Mihraj is definitely an important event in Islamic history

After the year of sorrow where the prophet’s uncle and Khadijah [ra] died, Allah invited His beloved messenger [pbuh] to visit the skies. He was ordered to tell his people to perform salah five times daily.

So, the institution of salah began as from Mihraj

However, let us make things clear. The prophet [pbuh] never ordained people to fast on this day.

so, if he did not fast, we should not think we know better than him.

The Deen of Allah is already completed. To add something new, means that the Deen is incomplete!!!

May Allah guide us all towards Truth and protect us against Bidrah