Everyone is born with a mission, what is yours?

There should be no confusion in this – everything has an owner.

A car has an owner

A house has an owner

A company is owned by someone

Now, who is administering the sun, the moon, the sky…?

There must be an owner!!! This owner is Allah

Allah is the proprietor of all human beings

Human beings have been created for a specific purpose

To submit to Allah and submission = to obey the commands of Allah

But people often worship their own desires

They take their desires for their gods and they end up exhausted and confused

Don’t let the shaytan deceive you

You are born with a natural inclination towards Islam and your mission is to bring the good news to the whole world

So do it

Do your duty

Spread the good news of Islam which is peace


Happy blessed Eid Ul Eid

eid mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all believers worldwide

We beg Allah, the Creator of mankind, to accept our fast done sincerely to please Him alone

We thank Allah who has allowed us to fast

We are grateful towards Allah for making us among His chosen ones, that is, Muslims

We ask Allah to forgive us for our weaknesses and ignorance.

We supplicate Allah to help the oppressed around the world, to give them full support and patience and to keep firm their eman

May Allah keep our faith strong and protect us against the trials and tribulations of the dajjaleid mubarak 2014 eid mubarak