Hajj 2014 – please have a look


Bimsillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

Masha Allah, the pilgrims have already converged to the sacred land of Muslims – that is, Makkah for the pilgrimage

May Allah accept their pilgrimage done with a sincere heart with the sole objective of pleasing Allah alone.

May Allah bring peace, love and mercy in their hearts and save all the ummah from hardships

May Allah cure all illnesses from us, whether these are heart diseases or other physical ailments

hajj 2014 4                                              hajj 2014 3

hajj 2014 1

hajj 2014 4

Reminder to all those who are voluntarily delaying their hajj while they have the financial means and a good health: please make it an obligation to perform  hajj before the sun rises from the west !

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