Are Muslims the real world problem?

For decades, Muslims have been targeted as the WORLD PROBLEM.

Muslims are known as terrorists and violent…

Some of the media’s roles are to bring chaos and confusion in the world.

they feed themselves on innocent people’s fear and unstability

they create unnecessary fear in the heart and mind of people in order to exist as ‘papers’ and media agencies

Unfortunately there are many conspiracies in the world agenda that need to be uncovered

and the masses are being fooled everyday. Why? Because they do not get the right information and they prefer to stay credulous rather than to take some time and research….so they believe whatever is being said to them as the ONLY REALITY. This is why they become easy preys for the media and they cultivate hatred in their hearts.

How can we hate other human beings like us? this is not natural and these people who take the media as their gods, develop constant fear, hatred and disgust for Muslims, thinking that Muslims are the problem.

But they have been befooled by the conspirators whose objective is to bring the world into chaos, uproar and total confusion so that they can lead the world….

Please, if you want to know about real Muslims life, about the Qur’an and about the life after death, go and research properly. Ask proper questions and you will get proper answers.

Muslims are also researching. they dont know everything but Muslims are not terrorists – they are God-loving people

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