What does it mean to associate something to Allah?

In the name of Allah, The most Beneficient, The most Merciful

The concept of Islam is based on tawheed. Tawheed means unity.

All Muslims agree that Allah is One and He alone deserves our worship.

However, in practice it is unfortunately not so….

The truth is to negate everything and to worship Allah alone

All these we are already aware of. isnt it?

But the negation of the self????

We often take ourselves for something, the titles, etc…

The moment you feel you are something in front of Allah, and that you can do things by yourself without the assistance of Allah, then Allah leaves you alone and see what you really can do…

You are left alone with your ego…you struggle and struggle but you cannot succeed…

Remember: we are the servants of Allah [Abd-Allah]. We are nothing…really nothing.

We depend upon Allah for everything. Please reflect upon it. dont let your ego tell you this and that. Reflect. You have been given the most powerful gift: the faculty of reason. Use it to understand the secrets of this world.

Let us ponder upon surah Al Fatiha and consider the words of Allah: Iyyaka nabudu wa iyyaka nastagheen

May Almighty Allah save us from the tribulations of shirk


al fatiha

You are nothing in front of Allah. So be humble…success lies in this humility insha Allah

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