Muslims, listen to what Brother Nouman Ali khan advise you to do

When Muslims think about how their beloved prophet [pbuh] and so many others from the brotherhood of prophets before him like Jesus and Noah (may  peace and blessings be showered upon them all) would respond to ridicule, insult, mockery, allegations, hate and even physical persecution, they learn a timeless truth about these carriers of revelation: in face of such things they responded with even greater intensity of perseverance and loving concern even for their opposition.

Unless we Muslims have sacrificed the way they have so relentlessly in their noble careers for the good of the people, we are not to carry hatred in our hearts for those that mock us or our faith. We are offended, yes, but we will respond in a way that honors the legacy of these great role models and we will reflect deeply and ask ourselves, how would they have responded?

They simply allowed their character, genuine concern for the well being of humanity, and the timeless truth of their unified message to speak louder than the words of hurt hurled their way throughout their lives

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