It’s Not About Religion.. Its About Humanity…Who will help the Rohingas people?

This is what different people from different walks of life are saying about this situation:

“Living in 2015, witnessing such lives of fellow human helplessly is just enough to realise this world has lot of things to fix to restore the faith in humanity”

“These are human beings, like you and me, they are in very unlucky circumstances. Where is our humanity? So sad!”

Burmese government are acting such racist attitude toward their own rohinga citizens which are the main reasons of causing such catastrophic situation .
I m from bangladesh and in our costal boundary and Burmese border , millions of people trying to enter the country only to live . Shameful for Burma.”

“Leaving these helpless people in no where – – what kind of judgment it is ? People are talking about justice for the sake of law but how they forget that without people there will be no justice. Please Indonesia – – Please Thailand — Please Myanmar – – take them to your land for the sake of humanity . Then you accuse them . First please give them a chance to live – -”

“This is a strange time when human being is exploring the space and reaching the moon but they can’t reach other people’s heart. so sad.”

rohingas rohingas 2 rohingas 3 rohingas 4

“The Earth and soil, Water and Air, the Sun and Moon, the Stars and Sky all  belong to Allah and Human are living in this world as travelers or visitors. But Human divided this world may parts and gives boundaries between the parts and gives names for the parts like Asia, Europe, Africa and E,T,C. Some of the Human are snatching each other belonging like Rakhines and Myanmar government. Playing game with Rohingya people as football. Oh! powerful human of the world! please save the Rohingya people. Thank you so much.”

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