Amina Ahmed – the Creator has called her back.

Death is part of this life. Every soul has to taste death in order to live eternally in the next life.

This picture is of a young sister Aminah Ahmed, a young convert to Islam,  graduating  from University of Texas in Arlington.  she went to sleep with a headache and didn’t wake up. She had a brain aneurysm and is in a coma on life support at the ICU at Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth. .

Inna lillahi wa ilayhi rajioon. To Allah we belong and to Him we return.Aminah just passed away and her Janaza was held at Darul Eman south Green oaks Masjid Arlington Tx, after Dhuhur. The family is in immense pain having seeing their daughter graduate literally hours before she was declared completely brain dead.

May Allah grant her jannatul firdaws and may Allah have mercy upon her parents. May He grant her family ease and steadfastness. May she be their doorway to Jannah. Ameen

May her family and friends somehow find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

This is the supplications made on her behalf:

– Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi rajioon. SubhanAllah. May Allah (swt) accept her every good deed and multiply it manyfold. May He (swt) forgive her for any sin. May Allah (swt), the Most Exalted, accept every smile she ever brings to anyone’s face through memories of her as sadaqa jaariya. May He (swt) grant her loved ones ease and allow her to pass through the gates of Janatul Firdous. Ameen.

– May Allah grant jannah to Aminah and give her family strength to deal with the pain of losing their daughter. Ameen



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