Indeed shaytan is an enemy to you, stay away from him and you will witness marvels in your life, with the permission of Allah

– Shaytan makes us angry and when you are angry, you get out of your personality

Anger is the root of many regrets. People divorce their wives through anger

As Muslims, the correct attitude is to settle your problem, not to back-bite others

Solve your problems but don’t try to prove that you are right

Modernization has taught us to promote everything – like spreading rumour

Don’t fall into the clutches of shaytan by spreading rumour about our brothers and sisters of Islam

Don’t back-bite others

– He wants to create enemy among you through gambling and alcoholic drinks. Sustenance is from Allah. Do you want to gain money through chances? Dont take the path of the casinos…

The eating of haram makes your brain stop to function. It is a curse in our body. See surah Baqarah.

Do not eat from the money of interest [usury]

Forgetfulness from doing good deeds, comes from the devil

[Nowadays men gossip more professionally than women] Do not stay in the company of gossipers

– Cut all your friendship with their companies are bad if they are all in drugs, alcohol and other sins

Allah says in Surah Al Furqan concerning friends – the bad friend

It is up to us to change ourselves.

Some people worship shaytan. they are the satanists. They promote the highest form of shirk

Ibrahim [as] told his father to stop worshipping shaytan. Shaytan definitely transgressed the Most Merciful

Make a dua that Allah protect you against shaytan, his whispers [waswass]

Go and read surah An Nass

How evil can man become !!!

Why mankind comes before jinnkind in the Qur’an ?

They beautify the evil in front of others

surat-ul-Nahl – when you read the Qur’an, ask protection against the Shaytan

– Fresh water has the quality to protect us against the shaytan. The rain removes the dirt of shaytan from you. So keep with wudu. That is why a Muslim must do wudu five times a day.

– The example of the evil who tells man to disbelieve. Then on the day of qiyama, shaytan says: Allah promises you a true promise.”

Some excerpts from Mufti Menks on shaytan

May Allah protect us against him

Exempts from the video of Mufti Menk



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