What are the types of breakfast that you can have during Ramadan?

Suhoor [the pre-dawn meal]  is the food that you take before sunrise in order to start your fast

As Muslims fast from all over the world, they are used to different types of food according to their climate and region

However, it is important to eat food that releases energy and hydration

1) Dates and milk

2) Bananas if it is digestable for you

3) Cereals – oatmeals and yoghurt

4) Have an omelet [cooked in little oil] with cheese and salad

5) Eat fruits and drink enough water

6) just  when you finish eating, take some black seed grain. it is very good from flatulence and bloating

7) Have poached eggs with a pile of green salad and hydrating tomatoes

8) for the pre-diabetics, some eggs, cheese and soup will do. Don’t forget raw fruits and water

9) Instead of having bread, use barley. it is healthier

10) Please stop those oily cakes and sirop especially in the morning and at the breaking of fast!!! It creates unnecessary health problem. The whole idea that greasy foods give us more energy is incorrect. In fact, heavy greasy meals make you feel fatigued faster when standing for long prayers.

11) Fasting is a natural detox. So, do not surcharge your stomach with oily cakes, chillies and iced drinks

Here’s the timeless hadith of our Prophet [pbuh] regarding healthy eating habits:

“A human being fills no worse vessel than his stomach. It is sufficient for a human being to eat a few mouthfuls to keep his spine straight. But if he must (fill it), then one third of food, one third for drink and one third for air.” [Ibn Majah]

Prioritize your acts of worship and  not cooking and remember, you should learn how to eat the right food

Let us have a proper diet

May Allah have mercy upon us all and guide us towards eating the right food in order to stay healthy

We ask Allah to have mercy on the poor and the needy. Please let’s try our best to help all our Muslim neighbours and any Muslim we know who cannot afford to fast properly during Ramadan


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