A Turkish couple has made the difference by feeding 4,000 syrian refugees on their wedding day

May Allah grant them success in their lives and afterlives

this Turkish couple, elegantly dressed for this auspicious occasion, has wished that their married life starts with the blessing of God

their humanitarian attitude may surprise many of us. Well, Allah has chosen them to make this great job for the world to witness

Two Turkish persons have changed the lives of 4,000 Syrians by offering them food

turkish wedding

Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat, who got married in the province which is near the Syrian border last week, invited some of those refugees who have fled the country since the civil war which began four years ago.

The idea for sharing their special day with those less fortunate was that of the groom’s father, Ali Üzümcüoğlu. He told Serhat Kilis newspaper that he hoped others would do the same and share their wedding celebrations with their Syrian brothers and sisters.

.turkish 2

The groom, Mr Üzümcüoğlu, said it was a great feeling to make others happy. “Seeing the happiness in the eyes of the Syrian refugee children is just priceless. We started our journey to happiness with making others happy and that’s a great feeling,” he said.

And his father just might have got his wish. His son said that his friends were so inspired, they hoped to do the same during their wedding celebrations.

turkish 3

May Allah Azzawajal bless of those who have participated in this solidarity towards the Syrians.

May this be an example to the Muslim world who often waste lots of money uselessly on their wedding day

May this be an example to the whole world

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